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The above is and RV-8 from Van's Aircraft site.

Here are a few pictures of a homebuilt plane that I am constructing.  It's called an RV-8 and the kit is produced by Van's Aircraft.  It is a two-place, tandem seating, 200 mph plane that is equipped with a color moving map display (GPS) which is coupled to an S-TEC autopilot with altitude hold.  There is an electronic engine monitor as well as an electronic altimeter, mode 'c' encoder, fuel flow computer, etc.   It will be powered by a new Lycoming O-360, 180 hp engine and a Hartzell constant-speed propeller.  I purchased the 'Quick-build' kit which means the wings and fuselage are almost finished as shown below.

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Parts cost for this plane is in excess of $90,000.  I am building it to sell once the test hours have been flown off.  It will be painted in a military scheme in shades of gray.  Asking price will be $130,000.

Target completion date is June, 2001.

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Find out more about this outstanding kit plane at www.vansaircraft.com


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