Edge 540by Aeroworks

Edge 540

by Aeroworks


6/1 -- 40% Edge 540 Completed
This is my latest plane.  Not a cheap one by any means - $6,000!!  I never dreamed I'd EVER spent this much money on an R/C airplane.  I have to say, it is the best flying plane I have flown in my 30 years of R/C - period!  This is one amazing machine.  I'm running the DA-150 by Desert Aircraft, carbon three bladed prop, carbon spinner, JR-8411 digital servos, two receivers, etc....  The paint scheme is that of Bill Hempel's Edges.  Mine is #6.  To really be appreciated, this plane needs to be flown by a TOC competitor.  It is so far beyond my capabilities it's not even funny.  It lands extremely slowly, has absolutely no bad habits, and does exactly what you tell it to do.

The Edge weighs 36 lbs.  I've ganged (3) of the 8411 servos on the rudder in pull/pull on a 6 volt system - that's a total of about 600 in/oz of torque on the rudder!   Knife edge flight is effortless.  I'm running two servos on each aileron and one on each elevator.

1/15 - Update
I probably should have been keeping track, but I probably have flown this plane 25 hours now.  The engine seems to have completely broken in at about the 20 hour point.  Both the airframe and engine have performed flawlessly from the start.  Zero problems.  WHAT A BLAST TO FLY!!!    :))


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