Throttle and Pitch Curves Setup

Setting Your Curves (Throttle & Pitch)

Lots of guys at the field ask about pitch curves. If you are EVER going to get into 3D and/or inverted flight, here's what I recommend. Set all of your flight modes to a straight line from +10 to -10. Center stick should be zero degrees of pitch. You should hover upright at 3/4 stick and inverted hover at 1/4 stick. This is a very natural feel of the sticks once you get used to it. Do it right away so you don't have to retrain your fingers to a new feel. I like to have all three pitch curves (Normal, and both Idle-ups) the same. That way, you can switch between modes with no change in pitch. The heli stays in the same vertical plane.

I set my throttle curves as follows. Normal mode is set to give me an idle at bottom stick, and full throttle at top stick. Set the 3/4 point to give you the desired head speed when hovering. The last point to set is around 1/4 stick which should be slightly less than your hover point. I like to get the head up to hover RPM fairly soon during takeoff. This gives the tail a chance to come up to speed right away and gives you good tail authority BEFORE you really need it. I set my idle-up in a standard 'V' curve with 3/4 stick giving me the desired upright hover RPM and 1/4 stick giving me the desired inverted hover RPM.

Or, just get a governor and forget all this throttle curve nonsense!  :)

After crashing twice due to going inverted while in 'Normal' mode, I've learned to set my flight modes up differently. I used to fly in two modes ('Normal' and 'Idle-up 1'). Normal mode gave me a nice head speed for putting around and Idle-up 1 ran the head speed up higher for hot-dogging. HOWEVER...that's what got me into trouble. Constantly switching between Normal and Idle-up 1 during a flight gives you zero chances for error when you go inverted in Normal mode. By the time you figure out why the engine went to idle when you went inverted, it's too late. The first thing that comes to mind is engine trouble. You try to flip it upright which takes a LOT of power from the head and stops the blades. WHAM!! My new settings are 'Normal', 'Idle-up 1' and 'Idle-up 2'. Normal is used ONLY for start-up and shut-down. I NEVER flip to Normal mode during the flight. Idle-up 1 and 2 are 'V' curves. Idle-up 1 is just set to a lower 'V' curve than Idle-up 2. That way, if I go inverted while in Idle-up 1, there's no problem - the head speed is just a bit lower. That's not a catastrophic problem. Learn from someone who's been there and set yours the same way!

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How to set pitch on e razor 450 main rotor

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