Blade Balancing

RC helicopter blade balancing

There is some confusion, for those new to helicopters, over how to properly balance the main rotor blades. The following is a proven method of doing so.

As shown above, use the balancer to determine which blade is heaver - mark this blade in some manner.

Place the heavy blade on the forks of the balance and shift it one way or the other until it remains horizontal. Mark the point on the rotor blade at which the blade balance indicator points (this is the CG point).

Place the rotor blades side by side and mark the CG point on the lighter blade.

Place the lighter blade on the balance with the indicator in line with the marked CG point. Apply film to the lighter end until the rotor blade balances horizontally.

Mount both blades on the balancer and apply tape to the lighter blade AT THE CG POINT ONLY.


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Calvin Tham, 13/04:
Where did you get your balancer Very cool with the reading right on the middle Scanned through online shops and on ebay but still could not find a similar one to yours Thx.

suraj, 11/04:
why is it necessary to have a proper balance to the helicopter

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