Tips and Tricks for RC helicopters and RC airplanes

I'll be throwing some of my favorite Tips & Tricks in here from time to time. You may already be aware of some of these, but they're always worth re-thinking...

Referring to the photo below, glue balsa blocks in the proper locations desired for mounting your cowl or canopy. Drill an appropriately sized hole through the cowl and into the balsa block. Drill out the balsa block to accept Nyrod. Press a short length of Nyrod in the hole and wick thin CA around the Nyrod. You now have a very vibration-proof mounting method that will undoubtedly outlast your model.

Keep a coffee can of acetone close by and drop your used CA tips in it when finished for the day (or when they get stopped up). Next morning, they're clean as a whistle. Keeping a few extra tips in the Acetone at all times will ensure that you'll never have to struggle with a stopped up tip again! NOTE: Avoid CA and Acetone fumes as if they were poison - they ARE!

One of my favorite, and most often used, shop tools is the T-bar Sander. I use the 11" sander made by Great Planes. This thing is GREAT! Really helps keep your structures straight and true with almost no effort. I use 80 grit paper exclusively. If you don't already have one of these, do yourself a favor and pick one up - you won't regret it!

Hey, how 'bout sending me YOUR favorite(s) and I'll post 'em right here with the others.

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