Painting Plastic Canopies

Painting Plastic Canopies (e.g. JR Vigor, Ergo, etc...)

My method was:
- wet sand everything with about 200 grit paper (any coarser and you'll mar the surface irrepairably)
- I got a clear plastic bumper primer (for flexible parts) and primed the whole canopy, let it dry overnight and wet sanded @ 200 again
- Each paint coat:
    + mask anything
    + clear prime
    + wait ~5 minutes (primer instructions say less than 10 min)
    + spray the colour
    + wait ~5 minutes and remove masking
    + wait overnight for coat to dry
- Before final clear coat, wet sand 400 and 600
- I even clear-primed before the final clear coat.

The main trick seems to be a good 'rough up' of the surface befor priming/painting, and priming using a flexible (e.g. plastic primer).  I havent 'dinged' the canopy yet so its hard to say how well the paint will hold.  I have noticed cracks/tears in the paint around the mount points --- BUT I know that the mount points were not ideally positioned since I had to pull on the canopy to tighten the rear screws... this is fixed now so I'll see if the paint cracking stops...


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