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Advance STD eCCPM Frame Kit: TREX 450X
Advance STD eCCPM Frame Kit: TREX 450X photo

Manufacturer: MICROHELI CO., LTD

Includes:-Complete the Advanced STANDARD eCCPM Frame kit -New Hardened CNC Aluminum Upper Frame -New Hardened CNC Aluminum Lower Motor Mount -All hardware -Allen key
Requires:-Loctite (#242 is recommended) is required to apply to all mechanical screws for safety during fly. -Clear Tape is required to wrap around the Tail Boom area within the 2 Tail Boom Bracket on the main frame for maximum security and safety during fly. -Read and follow carefully the Assembly Instruction.
The Advanced STANDARD eCCPM Frame is designed for DCLS (Direct Control Linkage System) to eliminate play on indirect control linkage system. The Advanced STANDARD eCCPM Frame allows MOTOR to be mounted either on TOP (***) or INSIDE the frame, GYRO can also be mounted ANYWHERE on the frame for best gyro sensitivity and protection, various BATTERY pack in LONG and TALL configuration can also be mounted ANYWHERE on frame for best center gravity and quick battery replacement. -The Advanced STANDARD eCCPM Frame which 100% CNC machined mostly from Aluminum 7075, Carbon Fiber and Delrin material, offering most options challenged by every advanced 3D pilots! The Advanced STANDARD eCCPM Frame is built with total of 22 CNC masterpieces which is throughout designed and precisely manufactured that will transform your T-REX helicopters to an Ultimate Flying Machine! -And yet, the Advanced STANDARD eCCPM Frame is even LIGHTER than stock plastic frame more than 4grams. Note:Optional parts are not included in the Advanced STANDARD eCCPM Frame kit: -Upper Motor Mount MH-TX4001UMM -Side Frame Support MH-TX4001SFS -Lower Gyro Tray MH-TX4001GP
Weight:87.0grams (Stock Plastic Frame is 91.2grams, save total of 4.2grams with Advanced STANDARD eCCPM Frame)

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