Radio controlled helicopters parts
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Precision CNC Swashplate, Blue: BCP/P
Aluminum Flybar Control Set, Blue
Cold Light String, 1.5 Meter Blue
High Strength Main Drive Gear, Blue (2)
Blue Alloy Swashplate Housing: T-Rex 450
Cold Light String, 1 Meter Blue
Blue Alloy Main Rotor Housing: T-Rex 450
Landing Skid Stop, Blue (6)
Bump Resistant Landing Gear Strut, Blue (2)
Blue Alloy Flybar Levers w/4BB: T-Rex 450
Aluminum/Metal BB Flybar Seesaw Holder, Blue
Aluminum Tail Holder/Grip and Steel Hub Set, Blue
Aluminum Tail Rotor Control Set, Blue
SE Aluminum Re-Fitting Components, Blue
Aluminum Washout Base, Blue
Aluminum Control Lever Set, Blue
Aluminum Aileron Control Lever Set, CDE, Blue
Tail Rotor Shaft (3) and HS Drive Pulley, Blue
Aluminum Tail Case/Unit, Blue
Blue Alloy Aileron Lever (2): T-Rex 450
Aluminum/Metal Washout Control Arm Set, Blue
Tail Boom Brace Set w/Aluminum Ends/Bracket, Blue
Aluminum Flybar Seesaw Holder, Blue
Precision CNC Swashplate, Blue: BCX
Aluminum CCPM Swashplate, Blue
HS Tail Drive Gear Set Pulley Installed, Blue
Precision CNC Head System, Blue: BCP/P
HS Tail Drive Gear Set Pulley Not Installed, Blue
Aluminum/Metal Washout Base, Blue
CNC Upper Main Blade Grips, Blue: BCX
Precision CNC Main Blade Grips, Blue: BCP/P
HS Tail Drive Gear/Metal Pulley Assembly, Blue
Aluminum Tail Boom Servo Mount, Blue
Aluminum Aileron Control Lever Set, HDE, Blue
Aluminum CNC Tail Twin Motor Mount, Blue: BCP/P
Blue Flybar Seesaw Holder +Lever(2): T-Rex450
Blue Alloy Flybar Arms (2): T-Rex 450
Thunder Tiger Raptor Flame, Blue
Aluminum Rotor Housing/Head Block Set, Blue
Aluminum Standard Mix Swashplate, Blue
Inner Shaft w/Aluminum Main Rotor Hub, Blue: BCX
Aluminum Main Rotor Holder/Grip Set, Blue
Blue Alloy Main Rotor Holder: T-Rex 450
HS Autorotation/Main Tail Drive Gear, Blue (2)
CNC Lower Main Blade Grips, Blue: BCX

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