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Blue Alloy Flybar Levers w/4BB: T-Rex 450
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Manufacturer: INTEGY


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t-rex 450:
Graphite V/H Stabilizer: T-Rex 450
T-REX 450 Aluminum Case
Blue Alloy Flybar Arms (2): T-Rex 450
Blue Alloy Swashplate Housing: T-Rex 450
Blue Alloy Main Rotor Housing: T-Rex 450
T-REX 450 Alum Case Foam/Sponge
Blue Alloy Aileron Lever (2): T-Rex 450
Blue Alloy Main Rotor Holder: T-Rex 450

levers w 4bb:
NYASlvr Alloy Flybar Levers w/ 4BB:T-Rex450

alloy flybar:
NYA Slvr Alloy Flybar Arms (2):T-Rex450

NYA Slvr Flybar Seesaw Holder + Lever (2):T-Rex
Low Profile Land Gear MH AFS: T-REX 450X
020 T-Rex Heli Motor
3D Fins: Zoom 400/T-REX
315mm Night Blades - T-Rex

NYASlvr Alloy Main Rotor Housing:T-Rex450
Alloy Main Gear Hub - NR3D
NYASlvr Alloy Swashplate Housing:T-Rex450
NYASlvr Alloy Main Rotor Holder:T-Rex450
Alloy Chassis Plate - NR3D
NYASlvr Alloy Aileron Lever (2):T-Rex450

Aileron L Levers Raptor 30/50
T-Type Cyclic Levers:TREX 450XL

Precision CNC Swashplate, Blue: BCP/P
Aluminum Flybar Control Set, Blue
Cold Light String, 1.5 Meter Blue
High Strength Main Drive Gear, Blue (2)
Cold Light String, 1 Meter Blue
Landing Skid Stop, Blue (6)
Bump Resistant Landing Gear Strut, Blue (2)
Aluminum/Metal BB Flybar Seesaw Holder, Blue
Aluminum Tail Holder/Grip and Steel Hub Set, Blue
Aluminum Tail Rotor Control Set, Blue
SE Aluminum Re-Fitting Components, Blue
Aluminum Washout Base, Blue
Aluminum Control Lever Set, Blue
Aluminum Aileron Control Lever Set, CDE, Blue
Tail Rotor Shaft (3) and HS Drive Pulley, Blue
Aluminum Tail Case/Unit, Blue
Aluminum/Metal Washout Control Arm Set, Blue

.. more blue data.

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