Tail Fin Rd End V2 Set:TREX450X/XL


Tail Fin Rd End V2 Set:TREX450X/XL photo


  • Manufacturer: MICROHELI CO., LTD
  • 100% CNC machined from 1.50mm Carbon Fiber sheetVery light and strong to minimize Tail Fin vibration under high RPM conditionDesigned to protect Tail Rotor and Tail Case during hard landingStylish designWeight: 11.7g
  • Includes: -Cap screws -Aluminum spacer
  • Requires: Loctite (#242 is recommended)
  • The Tail Fin Round End V2 set is machined from Carbon Fiber material, very light, strong and stylish. It is designed protect Tail Rotor and Tail Case during hard landing. And yet, the Tail Fin Round End V2 set is also made with 1.50mm thickness Carbon Fiber sheet to minimize Tail Fin vibration and maximize Gyro performance under high RPM of tail rotor condition. Option: CNC Aluminum Name Plate MH-TX4064TF is also available where "YOUR NAME" can be machined and printed on it.

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