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Tail Brace Clamp:AS,V50
by JR
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Manufacturer: JR


Setup, installation manual:
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Similar parts:

brace clamp:
Horiz. Fin/Brace Clamp (Black):V
Horizontal Fin/Brace Clamp:E
Horizontal Fin/ Brace Clamp: CP,V5
Horizontal Fin/Brace Clamp:A,B

tail brace:
Tail Brace Assembly: Voyager E
Tail Brace Tube: V50
Tail Brace Tube:A,B
Tail Brace Set:A,B
Tail Brace Set:V9
Tail Brace Set:V
Tail Brace Set:E,Q,Z
Tail Brace Connector:A,E
Tail Brace Set, Dual: V50, CP
Long Tail Brace Set:A,B
Tail Brace T End:A,B
Tail Brace Set: CP,V5
Tail Brace T End: V50
Tail Brace Set (Black): VC
Tail Brace Connector:V
Tail Brace Tube Only(2pc):V9
Carbon Tail Brace Set:E,Z
Tail Brace Support Bridge

Tail Boom Brace Set, White
Tail Boom Brace Set, Black
Tail Boom Brace Set: 600A, CF
Frame Brace Metal Raptor 30/50
Tail Boom Brace Set w/Aluminum Ends/Bracket, Blue

Tail Boom Split Mounting Clamp:V9
Alum Tail Support Clamp:E,Z,S
Fuel Shutoff Clamp (2): Red
Fuel Shutoff Clamp: Orange (2)
Tail Boom Mounting Clamp B: VC
Tail Boom Mounting Clamp:V
Fuel Shutoff Clamp: Black (2)
Tail Guide Clamp Set:V
Tail Gear Box Clamp (B):S,VC,V9
Tail Gear Box Clamp(A):S,VC,V9
Fuel Shutoff Clamp (2): Yellow

Tail Blade Holder Set: CP
Tail Pitch Lever:A,B,E,CP,V5

.. more tail data.

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