Precision CNC Swashplate: BCP/P


Precision CNC Swashplate: BCP/P photo


  • Manufacturer: MICROHELI CO., LTD
  • 100% Precision CNC machined Aluminum and DelrinEliminates the play between the upper and lower swashEliminates the play among the ball linkages by using precision metal ballsHigh strength plastic ball housing for long lasting and slop free operationUlitizing stainless steel center ball for long lasting and ultra smoothness cyclic movementsDesigned using carbon fiber rods for anti-rotation pin for light weight and to reduce glitchVery light weight and stylish designWeight: 6.8g
  • Includes: -120 CCPM swashplate -All hardwares
  • Requires: -Loctite (#242 is recommended) -Assembly

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