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Precision CNC Main Blade Grips: BCP
Precision CNC Main Blade Grips: BCP photo

Manufacturer: MICROHELI CO., LTD

100% Precision CNC machined Aluminum and DelrinDirect replacement of the flexing stock blade gripsPrecision CNC brass balls for long lasting performanceHigh quality bearings included and installed in each blade gripReplace stock hardware with new high quality bolts and miniature nylon lock nuts for highest blade securityStrong aircraft aluminum material for best precision and durabilityVery light weight and stylish designWeight:11.3g
Includes:-Two (2) high quality aluminum blade grips -Double bearings on each blade grips installed -Two (2) CNCed brass balls. -All hardwares and allen keys included.
Requires:-Loctite (#242 is recommended) -Assembly

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