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Head Dampening Shim (8): BCP, BCPP
Head Dampening Shim (8): BCP, BCPP photo

Manufacturer: E-FLITE


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Spindle Shim Washers:V9

bcp bcpp:
Aluminum Swashplate Set: BCP, BCPP
Main Motor Heatsink: BCP, BCPP
Symmetrical Main Blade Set: BCP, BCPP
O-Ring & Tubing Set: BCP, BCPP
Main & Tail Motor Wire Set: BCP, BCPP
370 Motor w/9T 0.5M Pinion: BCP, BCPP
Pitch Control Link Set: BCP, BCPP
Landing Skid Set: BCP, BCPP
Retaining Pin (6): BCP, BCPP
Tail Boom: BCP, BCPP
Spindle: BCP, BCPP
Tail Motor w/8T 0.5M Pinion: BCP, BCPP
Battery Support Set: BCP, BCPP
Hardware Set: BCP, BCPP
Bell Mixer Arm & Pushrod Set: BCP, BCPP
Center Hub & Spindle Set: BCP, BCPP
Tail Motor Heatsink: BCP, BCPP
Tail Rotor Gearbox Housing: BCP, BCPP
Tail Rotor Blade: BCP, BCPP
Bell Mixer Main Blade Grip Set: BCP, BCPP
Flybar Weight (2): BCP, BCPP

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6-Channel Micro Receiver FM 72MHZ, Neg Shift: BCPP
Decal Sheeet: BCPP
FM Crystal Set, Channel 17, 72.130: BCP, BCX, BCPP
Body/Canopy, Silver w/Decals: BCPP
FM Crystal Set Channel 50, 72.790: BCP, BCX, BCPP
6-Channel CCPM Pro Transmitter FM 72MHz: BCPP
Precision CNC Mixing Arms:BCPP
CNC Blade Grips w/Double BB Mixing Arms: BCPP
3-in-1 Control Unit, Mixer/ESC/Gyro: BCPP
FM Crystal Set Channel 19, 72.170: BCP, BCX, BCPP
Bearing 3x6x2.5mm (2): BCP, BCPP
Servo Pushrod Set: BCP, BCPP
Bearing 2x6x3mm (2): BCP, BCX, BCPP
Paddle Control Frame: BCP, BCPP
Rotor Head Set: BCP, BCPP
Main Shaft Retaining Collar: BCP, BCPP
Tail Rotor Drive Gear & Shaft Set: BCP, BCPP
Vertical Tail Support: BCP, BCPP

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