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HD Tail Bevel Gear Hub:V9
by JR
HD Tail Bevel Gear Hub:V9 photo

Manufacturer: JR


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hd tail:
HD Tail Rotor Hub:V9

Bevel/Helical Motor Pinion Gear, 13T: 600A, CF
Bevel/Helical Main Drive Gear, 188T: 600A, CF
Bevel Front Pinion Gear:S, VC,V9
Bevel Tail Gear(Plastic):S,VC,V9
Bevel/Helical Motor Pinion Gear, 11T: 600A, CF
Bevel/Helical Motor Pinion Gear, 12T: 600A, CF

hub v9:
Main Rotor Center Hub:V9

gear hub:
Split Gear Hub Adapter: VC
Alloy Main Gear Hub - NR3D
Tail Drive Gear Hub: A5

CNC Main Gear w/Auto-Rotation Hub: BCP/P
Limited Slip Auto Hub:Venture CP
Steel Tail Rotor HUB: TREX 450X/XL
Special Tail Hub:Ergo
Tail Rotor Hub: R
Tail Holder/Grip and Hub Set:XL
Aluminum Tail Holder/Grip and Steel Hub Set, Gray
CNC Main Gear LT w/Auto-Rotation Hub: TREX
Fan Hub: V50
Main Rotor Hub,Alum:Voyager E
Autorotation Hub Assm:V,VC,V9
Rotor Center Hub: A5
Main Rotor Center Hub w/BB:E,Z
High-Grade Tail Rotor Hub: Voyager E
Tail Center Hub,1Pc:A,B,CP
Inner Shaft with Hub & Main Gear Set: BCX
Fan Hub,Low Height:Venture 50C
High Cyclic Center Hub:A,B,V50
Aluminum Tail Holder/Grip and Steel Hub Set, Blue
Main Rotor Hub: VE
Inner Shaft w/Aluminum Head/Hub: BCX

.. more hub data.

Landing Gear Dampers:E,S(4)
High Strength Main Drive Gear, Blue (2)
Trainerguard Training Gear
Training Gear Set:BCX
Motor Pinion Gear, 10T: 600A, CF
CNC Main Gear: TREX 450X/XL/SE
Pinion Gear,11 Tooth:V9
Landing Gear Strut (2), Yellow

.. more gear data.

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