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Special Tail Hub:Ergo
by K&S
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Manufacturer: K&S


Setup, installation manual:
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Where to get:
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special tail:
Special Tail Fin Set:A,B,V50

IMZ RV-50S Motor Mount:Ergo 46
Ergo Canopy:A,B
Ergo 60 Canopy:E
Hardened Hex Adapter:Ergo
Ergo 60 FAI Canopy:E
Ergo Body:A,B
Ergo Body Set:A,B
Ergo 30/46 3D CCPM Conversion

Special Body Screw Set w/Silicone Grommets (10)
Special Universal Link, CCPM: V (2)
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tail hub:
O-Ring,3.5x5.5x1mm (For Tail Hub)

CNC Main Gear w/Auto-Rotation Hub: BCP/P
Limited Slip Auto Hub:Venture CP
Steel Tail Rotor HUB: TREX 450X/XL
Tail Rotor Hub: R
Tail Holder/Grip and Hub Set:XL
Aluminum Tail Holder/Grip and Steel Hub Set, Gray
CNC Main Gear LT w/Auto-Rotation Hub: TREX
Fan Hub: V50
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Rotor Center Hub: A5
Main Rotor Center Hub w/BB:E,Z
High-Grade Tail Rotor Hub: Voyager E
Alloy Main Gear Hub - NR3D
Tail Center Hub,1Pc:A,B,CP
Inner Shaft with Hub & Main Gear Set: BCX
Fan Hub,Low Height:Venture 50C
HD Tail Bevel Gear Hub:V9
High Cyclic Center Hub:A,B,V50
Split Gear Hub Adapter: VC
Aluminum Tail Holder/Grip and Steel Hub Set, Blue

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Tail Brace Set:A,B
Tail Blade Holder Set: CP
Tail Pitch Lever:A,B,E,CP,V5
Tail Rotor Blades - 3DXL
Tail Slide Ring Sleeve:A,B,E,Q,V,CP
Pulley/ Hardened SS Tail Shft: 450X/XL

.. more tail data.

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