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Blades: 71cm Razor Pro w/o cams: Vibe 90
by NHP
Blades: 71cm Razor Pro w/o cams: Vibe 90 photo

Manufacturer: NHP

During flight, the blade's center of gravity will align with the rotor head rotational axis. If the mounting hole is moved forward the blade tip will move forward, making the control inputs more active and faster responding. This suits an aerobatic 3D style of flying. If the mounting hole is moved back, the reverse happens:the blade tip moves back, making the control inputs slower. This suits a beginner, or scale style of flying. NHP’s patented ‘cam’ mounting system has a range of 7 positions, with 3 forward and 3 back positions, either side of center. These new blades been developed specifically for use with the cams...with "high modulus’ carbon fiber, they provide a smoother more precise control response as the blade now creates some of the dampening effect.

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