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TailPulley Case/PullCom:450X/XL
TailPulley Case/PullCom:450X/XL photo

Manufacturer: MICROHELI CO., LTD

Precision CNC machined aluminumPre-assembled 2 of 3x8x3 precision bearings to ensure Tail Shaft running true at all times up to 20,000 RPMC-Clamp design for maximum tightness and secure between Tail Pulley Case and Tail boomPrefitted at manufacture site for absolute fitness and zero play performanceMinimize tail vibration due to play between the CNC pulley and tail pulley caseWeight:11.9g
Requires:-Loctite (#242 is recommended) all bolts while assembling the tail pulley case into the heli. -Assembly
The Precision Tail Pulley Case is designed very strong, solid and slylish for the ALIGN T-REX helicopters to allow entire Tail Rudder System to operate up to 20,000 RPM without vibration. This new design is guanrantee to keep the tail shaft running true at all times. It is designed to improve tail controls performance on the ALIGN T-REX 450X/XL helicopters Now comes with a CNC aluminum tail pulley and a NEW 3x41mm hardened stainless steel tail output shaft, prefitted at manufacture site for absolute fitness and zero play performance. The CNC tail pulley will fit perfectly inside the tail pulley case to ensure zero play to reduce tail vibration. Includes:-Precision Tail Pulley Case -Two precision miniature bearings preassembled -CNC aluminum tail pulley -New 3x41mm hardened stainless steel tail output shaft -All hardware included

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