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TailPull/Titanium Tail Shaft: 450X/XL
TailPull/Titanium Tail Shaft: 450X/XL photo

Manufacturer: MICROHELI CO., LTD

Includes:-CNC Aluminum tail pulley -Titanium 3x41mm tail shaft
Precisely CNC machined to get best belt mesh and correct belt widthLonger tail output shaft 3.00mm x 41.00mm to provide enough piro ratePrecision Grounded +0.00 to -0.01mm tolerance to provide super smoothness and no tail vibration30% weight saving compared with steel tail shaftExceptional strong TITANIUM material to reduce bending problem of the stock tail shaftDesign with set screw to lock the pulley securely onto the tail shaft and offer options to replace new tail shaft if needed without buying a new pulleyWeight:1.7g

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