SE Complete Carbon Fiber Main Frame Set, Black


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  • Type: main frame
  • Dimensions:
  • Weight:
  • Material:

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* Other Whenever a recommendation is made to add a new agent, consideration should be given to the possibility of removing agents that will no longer be necessary or, in the case of a PBM company, moving the agent to a different classification for reimbursement. This whole process can be used as a way of removing extraneous agents on the formulary; however, removal of agents can be difficult if the products are frequently prescribed. (Note: it is often worthwhile to annually review a list of products that have seen little or no use in the previous year in an attempt to remove these products from the formulary.) Whether removing agents individually, or through a review of an entire therapeutic class, there needs to be adequate information presented to the P&T committee to show the product is no longer necessary. The reasons for removal may include superior agent(s) on the formulary, safety, low or no use, and high cost. A timetable for deleting these agents from the formulary must then be developed and the physicians must be informed when the agent will no longer be available. In 2004, the JCAHO, in their medication management standards, stated that as a requirement for accreditation, health care organizations should review medications that are available for dispensing or administration on at least an annual basis for safety and efficacy information. Many managed care organizations accomplish this via the use of the drug class review on a scheduled basis. The drug classes may be placed on a schedule for review in which all classes are reviewed over the course of the year. No matter what system an institution chooses to use to delete or review agents, the use should be monitored and follow-up is necessary to ensure the formulary deletions proceed smoothly. Communication of these deletions can generally appear in newsletters or, if one is aware of a particular physician who is the only one utilizing a product, personal contact may be best to communicate the change as well as to provide information to the prescriber of alternative products.

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