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Low Profile Landing Gear: T REX 450X/XL/S
Low Profile Landing Gear: T REX 450X/XL/S photo

Manufacturer: MICROHELI CO., LTD

Designed light weight and strong with high strength plastic material to withstand most abusive crashes, virtually indestructable landing gearLow profile landing gear and new aluminum landing skids to provide a unique appearance on the T-REXDesigned to attach the landing gear onto the landing skids to secure the landing gear better and to facilitate the maintenanceNew antenna mounts under the landing gear for better appearanceNew pleasant color of landing gearWeight:26g
Includes:-Two aluminum skids -Two high strength plastic landing gears -Five plastic skid end plugs -All hardwares
Requires:-Glue the 4 landing skids plugs into the skid ends. -Assembly

Setup, installation manual:
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Where to get:
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