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4-in-1 Receiver/Gyro - 3D Micro
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Similar parts:

3-in-1 Control Unit, Mixer/ESC/Gyro: BCPP
Lower Gyro Mount MHETX4001: TREX 450X
Gyro Mounting Plate: VE
Gyro Mounting Plate: A5
Carbon Upper Gyro Tray:V9
Heading Lock Gyro - 3DXL
4-n-1 Control Unit, Rx/ESC/Mixer/Gyro FM 72MHz:BCP
Adj Low Gyro Mount, Align CFF Frame: TREX 450X
4-n-1 Rx/ESC/Mixer/Gyro FM 72MHz: BCX

Receiver Wrap
6-Channel Micro Receiver FM 72MHZ, Neg Shift: BCPP
Receiver - 3DXL
Receiver Wrap w/Velcro Strap:Yel
Receiver Wrap w/Velcro Strap: Red

3d micro:
Chassis Spacer Set - 3D Micro
Transmitter - 3D Micro
4.3G Servo - 3D Micro
Flybar Paddles - 3D Micro
Canopy Mounts - 3D Micro
Main Motor - 3D Micro
Swashplate - 3D Micro
Flybar - 3D Micro
Wall Charger - 3D Micro
Main Shaft - 3D Micro
Screw Set - 3D Micro
Canopy - 3D Micro
Headblock - 3D Micro
Bearing Set - 3D Micro
Tail Boom - 3D Micro
3S 11.1v 270Mah LiPO - 3D Micro
Tail Motor Housing - 3D Micro
Tail Motor - 3D Micro
Rotor Gear Set - 3D Micro
Flybar Control Tray - 3D Micro
Main Blade Grips - 3D Micro

.. more 3d micro data.

Pushrod Assembly -3D Micro
Micro/Mini Helicopter Pitch Gauge
Micro Servo
Main Frame Assembly - 3D Micro
Landing Gear Assembly - 3D Micro

.. more micro data.

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