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I am a native of Tucson, Arizona, USA.  I'm in my mid-40s now and have been involved in radio controlled aircraft since I was a teenager.  I've been flying R/C helicopters since January of  1998.  I earned my private pilot's license in my early 20s and have owned seven planes - mainly aerobatic ships including a Pitts S2A.   I'm married, with two daughters and work at Raytheon Missile Systems Company in the Information Technology division.

-- Bill

Bill Ludwig, 19/04:
Hi Bill My name is also Bill Ludwig I fly a Pitts S1T in intermediate aerobatics mostly in the Mid America area Interesting to see how similar our interests our I fly an R/C helo Elite as well I am a retired Detective Nice web page Bill

Masood Malik, 03/07:
Thanks a lot for such valuable information In my country we are in energy crises For the sake of country people i am helping some one in R&D work to manufacturer Fiber.G blades to be used in some Textile related air control system I am being a chemist recomended the technique for manufacturing Fiber glass blades But he has still an issue of balancing If possible for you please send me some simplest method of balancing these blades as my that friend is not an engineer waiting for your benign response.

Andrew Voogt, 05/10:
Hi Bill Thanks for the info on your site very happy to have come across this site Please could you give me info on your Rotor balde balancer I live in South Africa and would like to obtain one What make is it could you please send or post some pics on it Thanks Regards Andrew Voogt(South Africa)

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